Memberships & Pricing

Pricing is always a hot topic and can be very misunderstood in the world of fitness. We see Groupons, discount coupons, and $1 a month specials all over the place these days. It seems there is a new big box gym opening every month offering a cheaper price than the next; while capitalizing on the fact that folks will come once and never return to cancel their $10 membership. It's important to understand the difference between attempting to bargain shop your fitness, and trying to find a program that fits the investment you're willing to make in your long term health and fitness.

If you are reading this, and you already have multiple key chain fobs on your car keys from every gym within driving distance or you have tried every fad that has come across your TV in the past 20 years; and feel like nothing you do will ever work; then it might be time to stop looking for the quickest, cheapest fix, and start looking for a community of people that understand the value of real fitness. Real fitness is performed under the watchful eye of seasoned instructors in a supportive and encouraging environment.

We have built our pricing models in such a way that students and professionals alike can enjoy the opportunity of pursuing fitness as a way of life, and not just a short term fix with an end date. Having served the East Orlando/Oviedo community for well over a decade we are very aware of what the average household has to budget towards their families health and wellness. We have always taken a tremendous amount of pride in being able to provide a world class facility with top of line trainers at a price our community can afford. Because we know that the majority of those reading this have never had the opportunity to experience a small group, instructor led, fitness program comparable to ETHOS, we are excited to offer you a FREE training session where you can jump in and see what all the talk is about. Before, during and after this FREE training session, you will be able to clear up many of the questions you might have, and flesh out any concerns that have kept you from achieving the fitness level that you desire.

After the FREE session goes well, as we know it will, you can then take advantage of our $99 "6 WEEK FITNESS CHALLENGE". During this 6 week challenge you will be able to enjoy unlimited access to our classes, experience 2 FREE InBody Composition scans, and of course use your very own MYZONE HR monitor for the duration of the challenge.

We offer this "6 WEEK FITNESS CHALLENGE" as a way for you to completely immerse yourself into everything that ETHOS has to offer. If it's true that it only takes 21 days to form a habit, then we are confident that after 42 days you will have found your new fitness home.

Following the "6 WEEK FITNESS CHALLENGE" we will sit down with each client or family and discuss which of our monthly packages will work best with your schedule and budget. Our packages vary between $80 and $149 per month pending the amount of days per week you wish to train, and how many members of your immediate family will be joining along with you.

We will do everything within reason to see that you can begin this amazing journey with us at ETHOS Training Systems. To prove that we are only interested in EARNING the money our members pay each month we do not require:

• Anyone To Sign Any Kind of Long Term Contract
• Anyone To Pay a Sign Up Fee
• Anyone To Pay a Yearly Maintenance Fee
• Anyone To Pay a Cancelation Fee

Since the first day we were in business, we have never required anyone to continue training with us due to a signed contract. We understand that life can be crazy and unexpected at times. It's hard to know where life will take us tomorrow let alone a year from now. All of our packages are on a month to month auto- payment system, and can easily be frozen or canceled with proper notice given.

Once you become a member you can also bring a friend who you feel may benefit from Ethos Fitness Systems approach to a helthy lifestyle. You can let us know about your friend by filling out the Refer-a-Friend form.