Refer a Friend

We LOVE that our family has grown throughout the years simply through word or mouth marketing.  There is no better thank you than when someone has their lives changed through our daily training and family interaction, and then can’t wait to tell all their friends and family outside of the gym all about it.  Below is a very simple way to ensure your friends and family have the best experience possible during their first few days of training with us here at ETHOS Fitness Systems.

Please be sure to let them know you are submitting their name and information and they should also be expecting a quick phone call and text from our membership services team.  You will be provided the opportunity below to share with us any specifics or details you feel we should discuss or try and clear up with the individual you have shared this awesome opportunity with.

Once again, THANK YOU for sharing the Fitness and Fun!

Refer a Friend

Please remember our #1 concern is helping your friend or family member have the best possible experience before, during, and after their first training session with us here at ETHOS Fitness Systems.  This being said, It is imperative that we follow a few simple steps as they begin this journey.

The First step to ensure the best possible outcome would be to speak with them on the phone so that all questions or concerns are cleared up well before they ever take the step and join one of our amazing classes.  We have found that this person to person conversation, even if over the phone, will dramatically reduce any fear or anxiety of trying something "NEW".

The Second step is to have them fill out our short online waiver form.  As you might imagine, the online waiver form is much easier and less stressful when someone is able to fill it out at their convenience and on their computer.  After speaking with them on the phone we will be sure to send them a welcome email where they can easily find the link to the online waiver.  If for some reason there is a hiccup and they do not receive this email the waiver can be easily found by clicking the link below.

The Third and final step is to simply pick a day and time that they wish to enjoy their FREE training session.  They will be able to view our current schedule by either clicking the schedule button on our main page or by clicking the link provided below.

Please remember to share with them that it is very important that we schedule this first class and that they have received a confirmation via email or text from our membership services team.  This is to ensure our coaches are aware of the time and day that they are coming in to enjoy their FREE training session.